All the amazing vegan brownies. And more importantly, ALL the flavours. We ain’t playin’ on the brownie game. We are a wee vegan brownie company with big personality. These chewy vegan brownies are seriously moist. And we wouldn’t use that word unless we were serious. Monthly cake subscription anyone? We think yes. We deliver our brownie boxes all over the UK from our sweet little Scottish hub. Of dreams.


You might think we’d peaked at brilliant brownies. But we have so much more up our sugary sweet sleeve. Enter: Vegan Baking Boxes. Because why should we have all the fun? Order a baking kit, have the time of your life, yadda yadda. These are an epic addition to the home, although we can’t promise anything but a quick devour. Get the kids involved. Or give them some crayons and bake all the vegan cake mix yourself.


Night in infront of the telly? Night out infront of your pals? Night just about anywhere? We got you covered. Hot chocolate essentials, but the vegan kind. Retro sweets, but the vegan kind. If you’re having a brownie or baking party, it wouldn’t be complete without a sweet wee top up.